Silly Science & The Elf, the Wolf & the Bear collaboration

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​The Elf, the Wolf & the Bear love making clothes for children that they not only love but that are perfect for living all their adventures & dreams in.​ They are very passionate about Science as  Anthea's oldest son, Arthur, has always wanted to be a scientist. and so when she started making clothes it was very important to include a science range. The Elf, the Wolf & the Bear have been inspired by Silly Science to do lots of science experiments at home which they soon realised involves some messy exploration.   

In order to encourage children to immerse themselves in creative play The Elf, the Wolf & the Bear have designed some Silly Science Aprons that are fun, funky and practical... the perfect gift for your child's Silly Science Birthday Party!

In fact The Elf, the Wolf & the Bear have now designed a whole range of science themed childrens clothing from protective aprons to cool waistcoats, tunics, trousers and dresses. 

This range of clothing is not only functional but funky helping children see the fun side of science and inspiring them to develop a love of science. This is also reflected in the choice of Scientists names for the clothing, chosen by Anthea's children.

The Elf the Wolf and the Bear Logo full.

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